Slim Makes Headlines


Slim Photo

Slim Helps Catch a Burglar – March 2013

An attempted burglary occurred on the far east side of Madison. A resident pointed out tracks and Slim followed a scent to a home nearby. Police officers found wet boots which matched the track marks.  The suspect was arrested.

Slim’s 3-hour Track – July 2012

A stabbing homicide occurred on the north side of Madison. Slim accompanied by Police Officer Corcoran was able to follow the suspect’s scent for 3 hours (1 a.m. to 4 a.m.) across 4 miles; even through an area of Warner Park where thousands of people had recently walked to watch the annual fireworks display. Slim led the team of police officers to a residence which the suspect has visited earlier that night.  The suspect was not there when the police arrived, but turned himself in later that day.

Slim in the Spotlight

After Slim’s impressive track in July of 2012, he and his handler Police Officer Carren Corcoran received the Handler of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association.

Slim vs. Madison’s Most Wanted – September 2011

A man, on Madison’s Most Wanted list, was being pursued after fleeing from a stolen car. It was believed he fled along railroad tracks into a marsh. On duty were Police Officer Carren Corcoran and K9 Slim.  After shouting, “Madison Police K9. Give yourself up or the dog will be sent in to find you,”  there was no response.  Police Officer Corcoran let Slim off the leash to find the man, who immediately surrendered.

Slim: The Tracking Machine

Madison Police Department K9 SlimA Madison Police Department K9 team tracked an alleged killer for 3 hours across almost 4 miles in the sweltering heat. 

“I think Slim’s track on the night of the homicide really illustrates just how valuable our canine partners are,” Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said. “They help us track down suspects, find lost people, discover evidence and sniff out drugs.”

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Johnny Locates A Suspect

According to police reports, two men were walking along Bel-Aire Drive on Aug. 18, 2010 when they spotted a burglar trying to get into a neighbor’s home. The citizens confronted the crook, and recognized him as a suspect from past neighborhood burglaries. They tried to grab onto the man, but he took off running as police were called. Officers set up a perimeter, and with the help of MPD police dog Johnny, the suspect was located and taken into custody following a foot chase. He indicated he has just gotten out of jail that morning, that he was a member of a gang, but denied trying to break in.