Introducing K9 Bowie

The City of Madison Police Department recently announced the addition of its newest member to its K9 Unit — K9 Bowie.  Bowie, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois born in the Netherlands, will work alongside Patrol Officer Eric Disch. Bowie is Disch’s second K9 and replaces K9  Jagger, who retired earlier this year.

Bowie and Jagger were both sponsored through the generous financial support of Karen Walsh and Jim Berbee, MD.  As sponsors, Karen and Jim had the opportunity to name each K9.  Connected to their love for rock music, Jagger was named after Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, and Bowie was named after late musician David Bowie.

Bowie is a dual purpose canine trained to detect illegal drugs, track people, search buildings, locate evidence, and assist in the apprehension of crime suspects.  Disch and Bowie recently completed their certification process and will work during the night shift. 

Please welcome Bowie to the K9 Unit!  Learn more about the K9 Unit on the MPD K9 Unit webpage, and follow Capital K9s on social media. 

The financial support provided by Capital K9s — all made possible through sponsors and donors — enables the MPD K9 Unit to protect and serve the citizens of Madison with the services of a highly-trained, certified, and professional K9 Unit.

K9 Allied Finds Drugs & More In Car

On April 10, at approximately 11:13 PM, officers were dispatched to an anonymous report of a vehicle dealing drugs out of a restaurant parking lot on the northeast side of Madison.  Officers responded initially and made contact with the vehicle and sole occupant.  After conducting a preliminary investigation, officers requested that Officer Jason Baumgart and his K9 partner, Allied, respond to their location to perform and exterior sniff of the vehicle involved. 

After arriving on scene, Officer Baumgart commanded Allied sniff the car’s exterior.  Allied alerted on the exterior of the car in two locations.  The positive alert of a well-trained and reliable narcotics K9 is probable cause for officers to enter the vehicle.  In this case, a subsequent search of the car revealed the suspect was possessing and selling a wide variety of illegal drugs.  The total drugs recovered include:

  • 34 bindles of cocaine (18.5 grams)
  • 2 baggies of heroin (4.1 grams)
  • 14 pills of schedule 2 narcotics
  • Over $2,000 cash

The suspect was charged with possession of all of the above (including intent to deliver for the cocaine) and also probation violation.

Giving Tuesday – K9 Falko’s Squad Needs a Heat Alarm

Protecting the Madison Police Department (MPD) K9s while they are serving our community is vital.  The risk of a K9 becoming overcome by heat on a summer day, while waiting in a squad car, is acute.  The heat alarm monitors vital components including temperature sensors and vehicle battery voltage.  If an alarm condition is detected, the unit will activate the horn, siren, & flashing lights, as well as a duel window drop. The engine stall and “no K9 left behind” features are included.   Click on the image below to access more details.

To safeguard these dedicated members of MPD, heat alarms are installed in all of the K9 Unit squad cars.  The heat alarm in K9 Falko’s squad no longer functions and must be replaced.


On GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017, Capital K9s launches an effort to to raise $1,000 for a new heat alarm.  With your ongoing financial support, these K9s can serve our community in relative safety. 


The Madison Police Department’s K9 Unit is currently comprised of eight working dogs. Their training, equipment, food and veterinary care are provided by Capital K9s, which relies solely on donations to fund these initiatives. 

Be a part of the community that’s giving back to these loyal guardians who are dedicated to making our neighborhoods safe. Contribute to the Capital K9s on GivingTuesday via the link below.

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Madison Sewerage District Provides Realistic Training Ground For K9s

K9 Jagger with officers in tactical gearMadison’s K9 Unit was out in full force at the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District for a special training exercise.

The officers and K9s practiced coordinating an armed response on the district’s 558-acre campus. The landscape includes prairies, woods, and wetlands– the perfect environment for practicing tactical searches and apprehensions in a challenging but safe atmosphere.

Officer Eric Disch and his German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix, Jagger, made quick work of tracking down a “suspect” concealed by very dense brush.

Thanks to the generosity of the Madison Metropolitan School District, the MPD K9 Unit once again had the opportunity to hone its teamwork and tracking skills in a realistic environment. Exercises like these are critical to ensuring that real-life apprehensions are performed as safely and successfully as possible.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the exercise.

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Jagger running toward "suspect"

Officers and decoy in bite suit

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District contributed to this blog.

A Special Gift Of Thanks for Officer Disch & K9 Jagger

Officer Disch, K9 Jagger, and LiamLiam Bates, a 9-year-old from Cottage Grove, has set out to make sure local law enforcement officers know they are appreciated, and he’s already touched a number of officers locally, including Officer Eric Disch and K9 Jagger.
In his letter to officers, Liam includes a coin of St. Michael the Archangel, known as the patron saint of law enforcement.
Liam recently requested another meeting with Officer Disch as he had another special surprise: A coin especially for K9 Jagger. Liam was excited to see Jagger again and give him a few pats on the head.
K9 coin
Liam’s special journey was featured on NBC15, and he says he hopes to visit all 50 states thanking police officers for what they do. He hopes to become a K9 officer himself someday!
Liam's letter to officers
Additional coins for Officer Disch

Recycle Your Earthborn Bags, Help the K9s!

Earthborn Pet FoodA unique program keeps used pet food bags out of the landfill and gives back to Capital K9s!

Our friends at Pet World Warehouse Outlet collect empty Earthborn dog food bags and send them to TerraCycle to be recycled. For every two pounds of bags recycled, one dollar is donated to a designated non-profit.

When Capital K9s received a $150 check in the mail this June, it took some detective work to figure out where it came from.

We quickly learned that this generous donation comes to us thanks to Pet World and its customers, who turned in 300 pounds of dog bags!

That’s a lot of bags kept out of the landfill!

You can help, too, by saving your Earthborn dog food bags and taking them to Pet World.

Every little bit helps support the Madison Police Department K9 Unit!

Francisco’s Cantina To Host Police Appreciation Dinner

Police Appreciation event poster

On Sunday, August 6, leave the cooking to Francisco’s Cantina, just off the Capitol Square at 121 E. Main Street!

From 1:00-5:00 p.m., the restaurant hosts a special Police Appreciation fundraiser featuring all-you-can-eat tacos for $10.99.

20% of proceeds raised that afternoon will benefit the MPD K9 Unit! A few of our K9 teams will be there to greet you!

Bring your friends and family, and show your appreciation for the men, women, and K9s serving our community!

Up In Smoke: Training With SWAT

officers and K9s training in smokeThe Madison Police Department K9 teams recently participated in smoke training with the MPD SWAT team.

During smoke training, the dogs get acclimated to working with the handlers in gas masks and other equipment while being exposed to gas. They also learn to work around other people, namely the MPD Special Weapons and Tactics team.

“We must train this and prepare the dogs in the event we have a tactical situation that includes all these variables,” says Sergeant Jeff Felt of the MPD K9 Unit.

K9 in smoke training