Introducing K9 Bowie!

The Madison Police Department proudly announces the newest member of its K9 Unit, Bowie.  K9 Bowie is a three-year-old Belgian Malinois who was born in the Netherlands.  Bowie is handled by Officer Eric Disch and replaces Officer Disch’s former partner, K9 Jagger, who retired earlier this year.

Both Bowie and Jagger were sponsored by the generous financial support of Karen Walsh and Dr. James Berbee.  As sponsors, Karen and Jim have the naming rights for this dog.  Fans of the rock genre, Bowie is named after musician David Bowie.

Bowie is a dual purpose canine trained to detect illegal drugs, track people, search buildings, and locate evidence in addition to other trained skills. Officer Disch and K9 Bowie recently completed their certification process and are assigned to the night shift. 

Please join us in welcoming Bowie to the team!  For more information on our team, follow us at and follow our not-for-profit fundraising organization, Capital K9s at .  Our unit is grateful for the financial support of Capital K9s and our sponsors which enable us to continue to provide the citizens of Madison the services of a highly trained and professional K9 unit.

K9 Allied Finds Drugs & More In Car

On April 10, at approximately 11:13 PM, officers were dispatched to an anonymous report of a vehicle dealing drugs out of a restaurant parking lot on the northeast side of Madison.  Officers responded initially and made contact with the vehicle and sole occupant.  After conducting a preliminary investigation, officers requested that Officer Jason Baumgart and his K9 partner, Allied, respond to their location to perform and exterior sniff of the vehicle involved. 

After arriving on scene, Officer Baumgart commanded Allied sniff the car’s exterior.  Allied alerted on the exterior of the car in two locations.  The positive alert of a well-trained and reliable narcotics K9 is probable cause for officers to enter the vehicle.  In this case, a subsequent search of the car revealed the suspect was possessing and selling a wide variety of illegal drugs.  The total drugs recovered include:

  • 34 bindles of cocaine (18.5 grams)
  • 2 baggies of heroin (4.1 grams)
  • 14 pills of schedule 2 narcotics
  • Over $2,000 cash

The suspect was charged with possession of all of the above (including intent to deliver for the cocaine) and also probation violation.

Giving Tuesday – K9 Falko’s Squad Needs a Heat Alarm

Protecting the Madison Police Department (MPD) K9s while they are serving our community is vital.  The risk of a K9 becoming overcome by heat on a summer day, while waiting in a squad car, is acute.  The heat alarm monitors vital components including temperature sensors and vehicle battery voltage.  If an alarm condition is detected, the unit will activate the horn, siren, & flashing lights, as well as a duel window drop. The engine stall and “no K9 left behind” features are included.   Click on the image below to access more details.

To safeguard these dedicated members of MPD, heat alarms are installed in all of the K9 Unit squad cars.  The heat alarm in K9 Falko’s squad no longer functions and must be replaced.


On GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017, Capital K9s launches an effort to to raise $1,000 for a new heat alarm.  With your ongoing financial support, these K9s can serve our community in relative safety. 


The Madison Police Department’s K9 Unit is currently comprised of eight working dogs. Their training, equipment, food and veterinary care are provided by Capital K9s, which relies solely on donations to fund these initiatives. 

Be a part of the community that’s giving back to these loyal guardians who are dedicated to making our neighborhoods safe. Contribute to the Capital K9s on GivingTuesday via the link below.

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