Food Sponsors

Police dogs need quality nutrition

Capital K9s thanks these food sponsors for their generous support. 

Proper nutrition is fundamental to sustain working dogs.  The rigors of their daily assignments require proper fuel.  Quality dog food enables the Madison Police Department K9 Unit to serve the community.

  • K9 Allied
  • K9 Archie (Ret.)
  • K9 Boris (Ret.)
  • K9 Charlie
  • K9 Domo
  • K9 Frees (Ret.)
  • K9 Ivan (Ret.)
  • K9 Patton


  • K9 Falko (Ret.)
  • K9 Martie (Ret.)
  • K9 Roko
  • K9 Bowie
  • K9 Jagger (Ret.)


  • K9 Gildon (Ret.)
  • K9 Boris (Ret.)
  • K9 Ivan (Ret.)


  • K9 Carl [Former Food Sponsor]
  • K9 Krahnie (Ret.)