Dog Paddle Rules

You can help ensure that all dogs have a safe and enjoyable time at Dog Paddle by following these rules:

All dogs must have proper vaccinations and current dog license. Also,

  • All dogs must be under owner control at all times.
  • An adult must accompany children under 14 years old with a dog.
  • No dogs with open cuts or communicable diseases allowed.
  • No aggressive dogs — aggressive dogs will be immediately removed with no refunds.
  • No dogs in heat allowed.
  • No puppies under six months of age.
  • No bathing of dogs allowed in the pool or any other areas.
  • All dogs should be leashed or under strict voice control when not in pool.
  • You must clean up immediately after your dog. All dog waste must be deposited into dog-waste barrels only. No dog waste allowed in general trashcans.
  • Humans will NOT be allowed in the pool due to reduced chlorine levels.
  • Only water for dogs in non-breakable containers is allowed to be carried in. No other carry ins.
  • The pool and Capital K9s are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

It is very important to note that we have a ZERO AGGRESSION POLICY. Any dogs that engage in aggressive behavior will be asked to leave immediately for the safety and security of all participants.

Additional tips to protect your dog:

  • Bring a water bowl for your dog to avoid sharing bowls with other dogs.
  • Please do not give other dogs treats without their handler’s permission.
  • Please dispense treats to your dog discreetly to avoid fights with other dogs.
  • Watch for over-exertion and dehydration in your dog.