Community Sponsors

Since the K9s received no tax dollar support, the dogs are fully sponsored by outstanding citizens and businesses in the area. This support is via direct donations, veterinary care, and food support. It is Capital K9s mission to ensure no handler has to contribute to out-of-pocket expenses. 

Our sponsors are the lifeline to the K9s. We appreciate all they do for the K9s and the community. Sponsors. Their K9 sponsorships purchase K9s, squad cars, and other specialized equipment and training for  K9s and handlers. A special Thank You to these generous sponsors!

To become a sponsor please send an email to

The BerbeeWalsh Foundation

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Jagger (Ret.), K9 Bowie

Shown here, flanking K9 Jagger, are Karen Walsh and Jim Berbee.  Also shown are MPD Patrol Ofc. Eric Disch (in the back) and former Capital K9s board member Mary Morton (on the right).

Dominic's Ripple

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Domo

Dominic’s Ripple is a charitable fund dedicated to honoring the life and memory of Dominic May, whose light, love, and compassion brightened the lives of his family, friends, and all those lucky enough to be counted within his circle.

Dominic dreamed of becoming a police officer.  To honor his spirit, Dominic’s Ripple supported the purchase and training of K9 Domo as their first official fundraising effort.  We are honored to be part of Dominic’s legacy — and invite you to learn more at

Judy Bluel, Wendy & Duane Reichel, Earl & Elnor Reichel

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Charlie

Mid-West Family Broadcasting

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Johnny (Ret.), K9 Greg (Ret.), K9 Frees (Ret.), and K9 Patton

In addition to sponsoring four K9s, Mid-West Family Marketing provides website hosting and promotional support to Capital K9s, and at larger in-person fundraising events — its area radio personalities often serve as emcees.  Capital K9s is profoundly grateful to the support of Mid-West Family Marketing over the years!  

Mary Jane Meng - Legacy Foundation

Mary Jane Meng was a quintessential sponsor of Capital K9s!

Mary Jane deeply appreciated the characteristics and quality of life in Madison both during her tenure as an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and after her retirement. She also loved dogs. In fact, even at 82 years old, a golden retriever remained her companion. She was passionate about the importance of a good police force to the health of the city, and she was an admirer of Madison Police Chief Noble Wray.

Shortly before she passed away in 2006, Mary Jane Meng wrote a check for $100,000 to Capital K9s to make the purchase of a fourth police dog (K9 Ivan!) possible and to better equip the still newly-formed K9 Unit. Displaying her kindhearted sense of humor, when she presented the check she also handed then-Police Chief Noble Wray $5 and said, “For the dog license for your new dog.”

Capital K9s was almost unable to tell you about Mary Jane and her incredible generosity because she was reluctant to let us publicize her donation. She told Carol Grob, who was then the president of Capital K9s, “You can use my name if you tell them my donation was made to encourage others to give to Capital K9s.”

Capital K9s and the Madison Police Department K9 Unit would not be what it is today without the generosity of Mary Jane Meng and donors she inspired.

Laura Harrington

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Allied

Mary Morton

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Carl

In addition to sponsoring K9 Carl, Ms. Morton served on the Capital K9s Board of Directors for five years. She spearheaded the Volunteer Veterinarian Project — through which local veterinarians provide wellness and emergency care for each of the serving MPD K9s.  She also authored “Martie’s Magic Eyes,” telling the amazing story of K9 Martie and how he persevered despite losing his vision.  

Mike Petersen, DVM

K9 Sponsor:  K9 Krahnie (Ret.)

In addition to sponsoring K9 Krahnie, Dr. Petersen also provided wellness veterinary care for K9 Krahnie and K9 Charlie!  

Ideal Storage

Ideal Storage currently donates our storage space.

Additional Thanks: 

Capital K9s also extends a special Thank You to the following supporting sponsors for their contributions:  

  • Dave & Julie Wood, former owners and operators of AppleWood Storage 

The Woods donated storage space to Capital K9s for many years — until they retired from the storage business to focus on another endeavor, BarnWood Events.