Working Dogs

Meet the Madison Police Department K9 Unit

They help their dedicated police officer handlers in serving the Madison community. Working dogs find missing persons, search buildings, detect drugs and apprehend suspects. The cost of these dogs is significant. The equipment, including squad cars, is expensive. Training costs also take a toll on the budget.  Please donate what you can.

Pictured here are the present K9s of the Madison Police Department.










The active duty time of these working dogs can be short. They can develop an illness or they can be injured on the job. For example, K9 Ivan developed a nerve disease in 2013 and had to retire. K9 Martie is day blind, but can still search for drugs.

The Madison Police Department only has a canine unit because of community donations. You can help!  Your donation to Capital K9s helps fund the Madison Police Department K9 Unit. Any amount makes a difference.

Go to the Capital K9s donation page and pay with your credit card. You can also donate money by mailing your check to PO Box 2367, Madison, WI, 53701.

You can read more about the police officers who are the handlers for these working dogs. These handlers are veteran members of the Madison Police Department. They have worked in many law enforcement areas.