K9 Patton

Date of Birth:  2/5/2017
Start Date with MPD:  11/15/2018
Breed:  German Shepherd
Financial Sponsor: Mid-West Family Broadcasting
Veterinary Sponsor: Animal Hospital of Verona

Back in May, K9 Patton met his namesake:  former 94.1 WJJO radio personality Blake Patton!  

When Mid-West Family Broadcasting graciously agreed to sponsor the working dog currently partnered with Officer Nick Eull, they chose “Patton” as his name – continuing their pattern of naming dogs after their locally-renown DJs.  You might recall Mid-West previously selected the names “Johnny & Greg” for the first two MPD K9s they sponsored, naming them after Johnny Danger and Greg Bair.

During the introduction of Blake Patton to K9 Patton, Blake admitted struggling to find the words to convey how he felt, and even commented how ironic that seemed after spending his career talking on the radio. 

“I am honored, humbled, and just absolutely … flummoxed.  It is an amazing feeling to know Mid-West chose my name for a K9 who will become such an important part of our community.” 

He went on to share later that he is equally impressed by the obvious respect and love for K9 Patton shown by Officer Eull, which is important to him after a life of believing in the importance of loving and respecting “all the beasts, birds, and critters.” 

K9 Patton has quickly become a successful member of the MPD K9 Unit, and we look forward to showcasing more stories about him over time. 

Our unending thanks to Mid-West Family Broadcasting for their continued support of Capital K9s and making K9 Patton’s service possible – and to Blake for sharing his name. 

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L-R: MPD Chief Mike Koval, Former WJJO Radio Personality Blake Patton, K9 Patton,
Patrol Officer Nick Eull, and K9 Unit Sergeant Mike Alvarez.