Recycle Your Earthborn Bags, Help the K9s!

Earthborn Pet FoodA unique program keeps used pet food bags out of the landfill and gives back to Capital K9s!

Our friends at Pet World Warehouse Outlet collect empty Earthborn dog food bags and send them to TerraCycle to be recycled. For every two pounds of bags recycled, one dollar is donated to a designated non-profit.

When Capital K9s received a $150 check in the mail this June, it took some detective work to figure out where it came from.

We quickly learned that this generous donation comes to us thanks to Pet World and its customers, who turned in 300 pounds of dog bags!

That’s a lot of bags kept out of the landfill!

You can help, too, by saving your Earthborn dog food bags and taking them to Pet World.

Every little bit helps support the Madison Police Department K9 Unit!