With great sadness, Capital K9s announces the passing of K9 Greg on Saturday, December 16, 2016. Greg’s handler, MPD Patrol Officer Bart O’Shea, previously informed Capital K9s of  Greg’s deteriorating health.

O’Shea and Greg proudly served the citizens of Madison from 2005 to 2010. K9 Greg was the first working dog provided to the Madison Police Department by Capital K9s — thanks to a generous donation by Mid-West Family Broadcasting.  He was named after one of the WJJO 94.1 FM disc jockeys, Greg Bair, of the well- known”Johnny & Greg” morning show.   

In O’Shea’s words:  “K9 Greg had multiple apprehensions, including seven bite apprehensions.  He had a great personality, was always ready to work, and equally willing to let 5-year- olds crawl all over him.  His career highlights were the multiple apprehensions and alerting to 41 kilograms of cocaine in the attic of a search warrant target.  It was a delight to be his handler — and Greg was definitely the smarter end of the leash.”

To honor the memory of K9 Greg, donate to the Capital K9s Memorial Fund at: https://capitalk9s.org/get-involved/memorialfund/