Henry_Boris 2014

Officer Wilson’s report of a recent track by his K9 partner Boris:

“My K9 Partner Boris and I responded to assist a Wisconsin State Trooper on a traffic stop. The driver fled from the scene prior to our arrival. As units flowed into the area, they set up a perimeter. I responded to the stop location to collect a scent for K9 Boris to track. The car was locked so I swabbed the driver’s door handle to collect the suspect’s scent. The Trooper had lost vision of the suspect fleeing north of the traffic stop. I responded to that location with 3 backup Officers. No weapon info at this point the only info available the suspect fled the traffic stop and he may have a warrant.
The suspect left a very nice foot impression in the snow. His direction of travel was towards a heavily wooded area which upon first look did not appear anyone could get through the thick growth. K9 Boris took scent and tracked into and through growth. I had to drop his tracking line in order to make it through. K9 Boris tracked to a storage yard of a construction company. Numerous construction vehicles and junk were in this yard as well as several employees.
K9 Boris tracked from west to east in the fenced in area eliminating the employees as suspects. The track was lost and we returned to the point I knew we were on track. K9 Boris was restarted and he tracked to the suspect who was hiding behind a large crate and a stack of tires. He was visible only once we were on top of his hiding spot. We had passed him on the first track coming within 10′ of his location. The was located approximately 400 yards from traffic stop by K9 Boris and placed into custody.
K9 Boris gave great information as far as negating the employees of construction company, showing negatives and staying committed to track.”