Applewood Self Storage provides site to train police dogs

Applewood Storage

Since 2009, David Wood, owner of Applewood Self Storage, has donated to the Madison Police Department K9 Unit a valuable training tool.

Training at his two facilities involves hiding drugs in empty storage units.  According to Sgt. Chris Boyd, of the Madison Police Department, the dogs search for these illegal substances by attempting to detect their odor through closed doors.

“The problem of storage units being used for narcotics has been around for a very long time,” said Tim Zehring, a crime expert who specializes in self-storage facilities. “This is a legitimate problem.”

Owners of self-storage units believe that it makes sense for their facilities to allow police K9 units to train at their premises on a regular basis. This partnership works to:
• Reduce crime
• Attract better tenants
• Chase off the bad guys
• Promote good customer relations
• Stay on top of drug detection
• Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

According to Sgt. Boyd, other storage facilities have requested random checks from the Madison Police Department.  Drugs have never been detected in rented storage units at the Applewood Self Storage facilities.  

This arrangement creates a win-win situation. According to Mr. Wood, Applewood Self Storage enjoys “the best occupancy levels” and the Madison Police Department canine unit is provided a quality training venue.

Capital K9s thanks Applewood Self Storage for this valuable service to the community.