Police Officer Nick Eull and K9 Frees in Training


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Newly appointed to the K9 unit, Madison Police Officer Nick Eull and his canine partner, Frees, undergo extensive training in North Carolina.

This is what wrote:

Frees and I have been training together at Tarheel Canine in Sanford, NC since June 2. We’ve put in some long days in this North Carolina heat but our hard work is surely paying off. We continue to learn from each other and I’m certain the two of us will make a great team back in Madison. Some of the training topics we have tackled include narcotics detection, building/open area searches, bitework/aggression, tracking and obedience just to name a few.

I’ve attached an action photo which was taken while Frees and I were working through a “blind” vehicle sniff for narcotics. In this instance, Frees was tasked with sniffing the exterior of a car for illegal drugs. We didn’t know whether or not this vehicle actually had narcotics in it. Frees used his nose and found the drugs concealed in the engine compartment. His trained alert is a “sit and stare” at the source location which he did. He then awaits his reward for working which happened to be a rubber Kong toy.

This photo shows me throwing Frees’ Kong toy at the front grill where he has alerted to the odor of narcotics. It’s a pretty cool shot since the Kong is mere inches above his head while his eyes are still locked in on the car. The dog actually thinks that the toy magically appears from the car and doesn’t realize that I am the one who secretly “pays” him for working.