Capital K9s supports the Madison, WI community by enabling the Madison Police Department to have a K-9 unit.

The unit has been completely supported by donations since its inception in 2004.

Community Event - Mounds Fur Fest

Sunday, June 12, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 2422 Montana Ave., Sun Prairie WI
Join us for the second annual Fur-Fest at Mounds Sun Prairie!

Sponsor of the Month!

Animart has proudly sponsored Capital K9s since 2009. Their generous gifts and sponsorship have provided food and supplies for three K9s, including currently-serving K9 Roko.

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Thanks to your generous donations, we provide funds for the MPD K9 unit.  No tax dollars are used:  we purchase the dogs, squad cars, training, equipment, and arrange  vet care and food for all the hard-working K9s.

Meet The Team

Capital K9s currently supports eight dogs for the Madison Police Department K9 unit.

We thank our retired K9s and honor our End of Watch K9 officers.

Meet The Dogs

Capital K9s is active on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have those sites? No worries we are bringing our Facebook posts to you here. Click on each entry below to read our latest news and events. 

Like all of the Capital K9s, K9 Patton received a new lightweight ballistic vest this year, thanks to donations made via Keeping K-9s in Kevlar. ...The officers could have anything embroidered inside the vest that they chose. K9 Patton's: "You don't lose if you get knocked down. You lose if you stay down."
Calls for K9s are increasing, along with vehicle thefts, 'shots fired' and violence in general in our city. Thanks to Dog of the Month K9 Patton for always being ready to go. You never have to ask him twice.

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Car thefts are on the 'swift' increase in Madison, according to a recent announcement by the Madison Police Department. Dog of the month ...K9 Patton has been taking those crimes very seriously for a while now. On December 28, 2021, a stolen car was spotted at a local gas station; it was associated with multiple other stolen auto reports in the city.
Ofc. Lewis & K9 Patton got a scent from the abandoned vehicle and followed a track through a populated neighborhood to an apartment complex. Three suspects were found hiding in a common area of the building and arrested without incident. Multiple keys from other stolen vehicles were found on the suspects.
Only a trained K9 has the nose to enable them to make a long track, distinguish and stick to the targeted smell, and be on hand to help with a safe arrest. Super hero indeed. 🐾

Madison Police Department #k9patton #dogofthemonth #thankyouforyourservice #notallheroeswearcapes #heroeswearcollars #superpower #superhero #smellyoulater #makingourcommunitysafer

K9 Patton had a busy day on June 10. After demonstrating his super sniffing abilities at a community demo, he did the same, for real, on his day ...job. A vehicle attempted to elude an officer after a traffic stop and it crashed into a retaining wall. A suspect ran from the car, possibly carrying a bag. Dog of the month K9 Patton was consulted and he picked up the scent from the car and followed a track, looking for discarded items along the way.
The driver was charged with eluding, possession of heroin, hit and run, and driving without a license. Just another day at the office for Patton. Ofc. Lewis is doing excellent police work, while simultaneously training and maintaining this incredible high-drive animal. Grateful for their service. 🐾

Madison Police Department #thankyouforyourservice #thankstogenerousdonorslikeyou #k9patton #k9pattondogofthemonth #notallheroeswearcapes #heroeswearcollars #ellalovespolicedogs #superpower #germanshepherd #keepingourcommunitysafe #completelyvolunteerfunded

Happy Flag Day Madison. 🇺🇸 The K9 handlers chose whatever background they wanted when we printed our very popular trading cards. Thanks to K9... Bowie, K9 Domo & K9 Allied for showing off the red, white & blue. Looking good boys. 🐾

Madison Police Department #capitalk9s #thankstogenerousdonorslikeyou #happyflagday #oldglory #volunteersupported #ellalovespolicedogs #k9handler #ThankYourForYourService