Isthmus Paper Recognizes MPD K9 Unit

To serve and protect: Madison’s exceptional police dogs help keep the city safe

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Read this interesting article in the current issue of The Isthmus Paper: “The Wells Fargo Bank near East Towne Mall was robbed in February. When Madison police officers arrived………………” (read more)

Capital K9s Welcomes Officer Nick Eull

Police Officer Nick Eull – K9 Frees On Duty!


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The Madison Police Department has announced the assignment of this new team.  After extensive training in North Carolina,  Police Officer Eull and K9 Frees have assumed their duties protecting the Madison community.  Capital K9s welcomes these two members of the canine unit.  Funding  through Capital K9s was made possible by a generous donation of Midwest Family Broadcasting.

Capital K9s on Evening News

WKOW Channel 27 Interviews Police Rose Mansavage

MADISON (WKOW) –Madison Police Officer Rose Mansavage has two partners, K9 Officers Marty and Falco. She jokes, “I see them more than my kids, my husband. It’s 24/7. Every day!”Officers Marty and Falco work and live with Officer Mansavage, so they have a very tight bond. In fact, try to get their attention and you’ll have a hard time. They are so in tune with her, they tend to not pay attention to much else. They are always waiting for a command from her.

Rose Martie Falko 2

Officers Marty and Falco, like the other K9 officers with the Madison Police Department do mostly detector work. Officer Mansavage says, “We’re constantly checking drugs in vehicles, checking buildings. We’re also doing a lot of tracking.”

That’s something that saved a Madison man’s life recently. Stephen Nelsen, who has dementia, wandered off. Two K9 officers were able to track his scent and help mounted patrol officers find him.

In most city-run K9 units, taxpayers foot the bill. But in Madison, they never have. The non-profit agency Capital K9s was founded 10 years ago and raises money throughout the year. It pays for just about everything: the dogs, their training, health care, food and equipment. Everything except the human officers’ salaries and benefits.

“That’s a significant contribution. The estimate is $50,000 to put a K9 officer on the street that’s $50,000 less taxpayer money that’s not coming from the city budget,” says Officer Mansavage.

Capital K9 Board Member Dan McIlroy says, “We’ve had a lot of drugs taken off the streets and when you look at those statistics you say ‘Wow, if we didn’t have a K9 team, where would we be?’ We see value to this and we want to help.”

The Capital K9 program has two big fundraisers. The 8th Annual Dog Paddle is September 7th at Goodman Pool. All dogs are allowed to swim there for a donation. To learn more about it, and the non-profit’s spring fundraiser, head to this website.

Police Officer Nick Eull and his K9 Frees in Training


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Newly appointed to the K9 unit, Madison Police Officer Nick Eull and his canine partner, Frees, undergo extensive training in North Carolina.

This is what wrote:

Frees and I have been training together at Tarheel Canine in Sanford, NC since June 2. We’ve put in some long days in this North Carolina heat but our hard work is surely paying off. We continue to learn from each other and I’m certain the two of us will make a great team back in Madison. Some of the training topics we have tackled include narcotics detection, building/open area searches, bitework/aggression, tracking and obedience just to name a few.

I’ve attached an action photo which was taken while Frees and I were working through a “blind” vehicle sniff for narcotics. In this instance, Frees was tasked with sniffing the exterior of a car for illegal drugs. We didn’t know whether or not this vehicle actually had narcotics in it. Frees used his nose and found the drugs concealed in the engine compartment. His trained alert is a “sit and stare” at the source location which he did. He then awaits his reward for working which happened to be a rubber Kong toy.

This photo shows me throwing Frees’ Kong toy at the front grill where he has alerted to the odor of narcotics. It’s a pretty cool shot since the Kong is mere inches above his head while his eyes are still locked in on the car. The dog actually thinks that the toy magically appears from the car and doesn’t realize that I am the one who secretly “pays” him for working.

K9 CSI MPD Program

What friends of Capital K9s are saying:

  • Just got home from attending the K9 CSI MPD II. A+ presentation! Awesome, heartfelt, humorous, incredible, inspiring, honorable, educational…..The MPD and K9 unit are just another reason why Madison is a great place to live. Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you Capital K9s and K9 Units for a very engaging, entertaining and informative presentation. We really enjoyed the evening.

  • What a wonderful presentation tonight! It was informative as well as entertaining. And how exciting to have the opportunity to meet the dogs in person along with their Handlers.

  • It was a great event. Very informative.

  • This was an awesome program! I came away inspired by the dogs and their handlers and was really moved by their close connection. And last night I dreamt of German Shepherds . . . .

Unique Birthday Celebration


Unique Birthday Celebration
A nine year-old boy celebrates his birthday in a very special way.  Each year he asks his friends to set aside money that they would  have spent to buy him birthday gifts.  In turn, he donates this money to one or more charities.  This year, Capital K9s received a meaningful donation from this very generous, civic-minded young man!  In addition to helping support a very worthwhile endeavor, he is showing his friends that he truly knows the meaning of giving. Thanks Nick!

Finding The Missing

Here’s an opportunity to hear a presentation by MPD K9 Officer Carren Corcoran and Linda Zapata about the use of cadaver dogs in missing person cases and the cold case homicide of Jeanette Zapata, Linda’s mother.

All proceeds will go to Team Madison Police.

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Finding The Missing
Slim_Officer Carren Corcoran

Officer Jeff Felt promoted to Sergeant; Gildon retires

Sgt. Chris Boyd: “K9 Gildon, a 10 year old german shepherd, has retired from the Madison Police Department. Officer Jeff Felt and K9 Gildon began working as a team to make Madison a safer place in the spring of 2006.  On December 1st of this year K9 Gildon officially retired and Officer Felt began training to fulfill his new promoted position as a patrol sergeant.

K9 Gildon assisted the Madison Police Department in hundreds of cases during the seven years as a police service K9.  K9 Gildon conducted building searches, tracks of criminals and missing persons, apprehensions, narcotics searches, and evidence searches.  Out of all these tasks Gildon was trained for, tracking was his specialty.  Officer Felt and Gildon were a great team and it was clear they respected one another.  Officer Felt laughed often at Gildon’s puppy ways and Gildon looked at his human partner with loyalty and trust.  They moved through building searches, challenging tracks on difficult terrain, and narcotics searches in clustered environments like a dance team.  Officer Felt anticipated every move Gildon made, and Gildon looked for direction when needed. They were in many dangerous situations together and always came out safely.  They had each other’s back.  The K9 unit, Madison Police Department, and citizens of Madison will miss K9 Gildon.  We thank him for his service and wish him a happy retirement in the loving home of Sergeant Felt and his family.”

50/50 Raffle Ticket Winners – Dog Paddle 2013

Capital K9s is delighted to announce the following 50/50 raffle ticket winners at Dog Paddle 2013:

  • 1st Prize – Kevin Frey
  • 2nd Prize – Jim Donnell
  • 3rd Prize – Ron Markham

Congratulations to these winners and thank you to everyone for making this year’s event a splashing success!