AppleWood Self Storage provides storage and a training site

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Applewood Storage

AppleWood Self Storage provides storage and training opportunities.

Training at his two facilities involves hiding drugs in empty storage units.  According to the Madison Police Department, the dogs search for these illegal substances by attempting to detect their odor through closed doors.

“The problem of storage units being used for narcotics has been around for a very long time,” said Tim Zehring, a crime expert who specializes in self-storage facilities. “This is a legitimate problem.”

Owners of self-storage units believe that it makes sense for their facilities to allow police K9 units to train at their premises on a regular basis. This partnership works to:
• Reduce crime
• Attract better tenants
• Chase off the bad guys
• Promote good customer relations
• Stay on top of drug detection
• Demonstrate good corporate citizenship

Other storage facilities have requested random checks from the Madison Police Department.  Drugs have never been detected in rented storage units at the Applewood Self Storage facilities.  

This arrangement creates a win-win situation. According to owner David Wood, AppleWood Self Storage enjoys “the best occupancy levels” and the Madison Police Department canine unit is provided a quality storage and training venue.

Capital K9s thanks AppleWood Self Storage for this valuable service to the community.


Madison Police Department K9 Unit Trains With Brownie Troop

This report was compiled by Sgt. Chris Boyd of the Madison Police Department K9 Unit.

The photos in the slideshow below are from the MPD K9 Unit training conducted on June 29, 2015.

“Our K9 Unit along with Oregon PD K9 and Green County K9 worked with a Brownie troop of 8 girls to better train the K9s to track missing children. The K9s practiced tracking a specific child in a busy neighborhood and the kids learned how the dogs use their noses to find individual people.

Each of the eight K9 teams tracked two different children a few blocks starting at Westminster Church on Nakoma Rd. Each girl was able to follow the tracking team while they worked and walk a path to be found by the K9.

Afterwords, the kids had plenty of questions to ask the K9 handlers about their K9 partners working abilities. It was good training and great fun for all involved.”

Mounds Dog Fest 2015

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse will sponsor Dog Fest at Angell Park in Sun Prairie on June 14, 2015. Once again, Capital K9s will participate at this delightful event. Click here for more information.

Officers of the Madison Police Department K9 Unit will demonstrate apprehension techniques.

A special treat is to have your photo taken, along with your dog(s), inside a police squad car.

It promises to be a great time for all!

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Dog Paddle 2015

Dog PaddleSave the Date!

Mark your calendar for the 9th annual Dog Paddle on Sunday, September 13, 2015, at Goodman Pool.

This is our signature event and our biggest fundraiser!

dog-paddle-reduced Click this link for a sneak preview.

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K9 Johnny’s Retirement Party

K9 Johnny’s Retirement Party

On February 17, 2015, K9 Johnny celebrated his retirement from the Madison Police Department with his friends. Chief of Police Michael Koval praised K9 Johnny for his 10 years of dedicated service. Sgt Chris Boyd recognized both Police Officer Jim Donnell and K9 Johnny for their contributions to safeguard the citizens of Madison.

Thanks for your dedicated service, K9 Johnny! Enjoy your retirement!



K9 Krahnie Tracks Bank Robbery Suspect


Madison Police Officer Jim Donnell and K9 Krahnie tracked down a bank robber today. The armed robbery occurred at the Anchor Bank located in Monona at 6501 Monona Dr. at 8:34am. A witness saw the robber run across the Beltline. K9 Krahnie was started in the area the suspect was last seen. The team tracked the suspect through some thick marsh along the Yahara River. The area was so thick Officer Donnell had to work K9 Krahnie off leash. He would let her track then down her so officers could catch up. Officer Donnell eventually saw the suspect hiding in thick brush and ordered him to stand up. Seeing the suspect stand, K9 Krahnie attempted to apprehend the suspect. Officer Donnell ordered his K9 to down and she remained on guard until the suspect was taken into custody.

The apprehension earned Officer Donnell and K9 Krahnie a ride back to their squad on the Dane County Deputies air boat!

Author: Sgt Chris Boyd, Madison Police Department

Remember, the entire K9 unit of the Madison Police Department is funded through donations.

The Carlson Company provides training site to MPD K9 Unit


TheCarlsonCompany (click link to watch video)

Capital K9s and the Madison Police K9 Unit would like to thank local businessman Chris Carlson of The Carlson Company for providing a training site for our dogs and a home-cooked meal for their handlers at a recent team training! Check out this video of Officer McKenzie and K9 Josh as they perform a training track completely indoors!

Written by Police Officer Nick Eull

Police Officer Teresa McKenzie & K9 Josh assist Maple Bluff Police

Teresa_Josh 2014 (640x427)Resized

Madison Police Officer Teresa McKenzie and K9 Josh assisted Maple Bluff Police with a vehicle sniff in early-January. K9 Josh’s positive alert led to the seizure of 31 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 10 ecstasy pills and various drug paraphernalia, most of which was found concealed in the engine compartment.


Maple Bluff Police later executed a search warrant on the offender’s vehicle and residence which netted an additional 61 grams of crystal meth, 48 ecstasy pills, 70 acid tabs, 972 grams of bath salts and more drug paraphernalia. Way to go Officer McKenzie, K9 Josh and Maple Bluff Police!

Written by Police  Officer Nick Eull

Police Officers and K9s Track Robbers

IMG_0337 IMG_0348


On November 18, 2014 the ‘Life is Good’ store located at 514 State Street was robbed at gun point by a masked man at approximately 7:26pm. The suspect had leaned across the counter to get the money.

K9 Slim and Police Officer Carren Corcoran responded to the store approximately 45 minutes after the incident. K9 Slim picked up the robbers scent from the countertop and he tracked out of the store, up a block, to turn up a side street and then to an alleyway. K9 Slim tracked the length of the alley and came to a chain link fence. K9 Slim did not show a fence crossing and instead turned himself around and tracked back out of the alley. K9 Slim tracked up a block and turned into a large flat public parking lot- the Buckeye Lot. K9 Slim worked the entire parking lot and provided a car pick up indication in a particular parking stall in the center of the lot.

The district lieutenant began to view video footage of that particular parking lot at the time of the robbery and observed a silver SUV pull into the lot and back into the stall K9 Slim had provided a car pickup at. The vehicle had pulled into the parking lot moments prior to the robbery and quickly drove out a few moments later. The vehicle drove out southbound on W. Gilman Street. The vehicle did not have a front license plate and video cameras angle could not capture the back license plate. The vehicle did have a sunroof and dark wheel coverings.

Detectives then reviewed video footage of the Buckeye parking lot from a prior and similar robbery approximately 5 days prior to the November 18th incident. That track was done by K9 Falko and Police Officer Rose Mansavage. The track ended with a vehicle pick up in a church parking lot on the opposite side of the block where K9 Slim’s track ended. The video from that day also showed a silver Dodge SUV in the Buckeye Parking Lot around the time of that robbery. Based on the suspicious action and timing of the vehicle, coupled with both K9 tracks, detectives over the next two days began to research all the silver Dodge SUVs in the Madison area. They eventually located a Dodge SUV with sunroof and dark wheels registered to the parents of a known heroin addict who fit the suspect description. A search warrant was obtained to have a GPS placed on the vehicle.

Eight days later a store was robbed at gun point by a masked man and the GPS provided live information that the vehicle was near the location of the robbery. The Madison Police were able to locate the vehicle and make a high risk traffic stop. K9 Slim sniffed the vehicle exterior resulting in an alert to the odor of illegal drugs. Search incident to the K9 alert resulted in locating the gun and money from the robbery. The twin brothers confessed to all the robberies mentioned above. On November 18th the robber ran from the store and stood in the alley K9 Slim tracked down. The robber’s twin brother – the getaway driver–had dropped the robber off to commit the robbery and pulled into the Buckeye lot to wait. The previous armed robbery on State St. was conducted the same way, although the robber was dropped off at the other end of the Buckeye lot and picked up in the church parking lot.

Detectives were diligent in following up on the informational track provided by Slim which led to the video camera footage. This is due to their ongoing trust in the K9 units’ abilities.