Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Mid-West Family BroadcastingK9s Johnny and Greg (both retired) were sponsored by Mid-West Family Broadcasting, home to WJJO (94.1 FM), WJQM (93.1 FM), WMGN (98.1 FM), WWQM (106.3 FM), WOZN (1670 AM/106.7 FM), WMLV (1480 AM), WHIT (1550 AM).

These two Madison Police Department K9s were named after Johnny Danger and Greg Baer, two of WJJO’s morning radio personalities.

Johnny, a Belgian Malinois, was handled by Police Officer Jim Donnell. Together they worked in such areas as narcotics detection, tracking, and searching. Johnny retired just days shy of ten years of service, having served from February 16, 2005 to February 7, 2015.

Greg, a Dutch Shepherd, was handled by Police Officer Bart O’Shea. He was a dual-purpose K9, specializing in narcotics and patrol, and served from February 15, 2005 to April 20, 2010.

Capital K9s is profoundly grateful to Mid-West Family Broadcasting for its support.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting


Mid-West Family Broadcasting