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Madison Sewerage District Provides Realistic Training Ground For K9s

Madison’s K9 Unit was out in full force at the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District for a special training exercise. The officers and K9s practiced coordinating an armed response on the district’s 558-acre campus. The landscape includes prairies, woods, and wetlands– the perfect environment for practicing tactical searches and apprehensions in a challenging but safe atmosphere…. Read more »

Up In Smoke: Training With SWAT

The Madison Police Department K9 teams recently participated in smoke training with the MPD SWAT team. During smoke training, the dogs get acclimated to working with the handlers in gas masks and other equipment while being exposed to gas. They also learn to work around other people, namely the MPD Special Weapons and Tactics team…. Read more »

Road To Certification Leads To Michigan

Last week we shared the story of Officer Sarah Boespflug’s first days with K9 Falko. Catch up here! Six weeks after acclimating to a new life together, it was time for Officer Sarah Boespflug and K9 Falko to head to Michigan. Certification by the North American Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) was the next and final… Read more »

Paula Fitzsimmons Article for PawCulture

Officer Carren Corcoran and K9 Slim: Special Duo A recent article about Madison Police Officer Carren Corcoran and K9 Slim in PawCulture, written by Paula Fitzsimmons, is worth reading. Here’s the link to the article: Great article Paula and thank you for the many ways you help support the Madison Police Department and Capital… Read more »